Spring is Here !?!?

photo taken during the April 4th snowstorm at a a clients outside Harvard Square.  Hoping the bulbs we installed in 2008 make it through until the warm weather comes back.

Spring is Here??  Time to get the lawn / garden into shape before the warm days are here & you want to spend them enjoying the yard, not working in it.   Getting a jump on the season is important especially if you want to minimize the weeds this season.  Email us today if you are interested in a lawn weed control program or maybe a spring clean up for the entire property.  If you need assistance with anything we can help.

SPRING CLEAN UP SERVICE  …{The Basic Service Includes}

  • Clean lawn to rid it of debris and minor thatch build up.  We do this by raking out the grass giving it a freshly groomed look
  • Clean out any debris in the garden beds as well as prune the winter damage to the bushes
  • Cut back any perennials that may have not been cut back last fall
  • Re-Edging of the garden beds for a neat, clean appearance.
  • Removal of any fallen tree limbs that may have fallen during the winter months

Other Services Commonly done at this time include

  • The proper lawn fertilizer / weed control application
  • Mulching of the Garden Beds
  • Other jobs you may want for example adding pea-stone to a pea-stone walkway that may have lost stone of the winter or the years
  • Installations of some spring plants
  • Vegetable or Garden Beds Soil Amending

To sign up or or get an estimate for a spring clean up, email us info@GreenGoatLawnCare.com

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